Drone Racing

Each of the LEADR League events will feature at least two levels of timed racing competitions. These levels will be based on the speed classification of the drones competing in each event. High-speed racers and 'ready to fly' drones will form each racing class of machine.

Team Competitions

The LEADR League competitions will also feature one or more events where the entire team will come together to compete as a group. Each host is responsible for developing a team competition that builds on the overall strengths of the pilots, crew, logistics, and problem solvers. Creativity rules! It could be something as simple as an obstacle course, all the way up to a current event or literary-themed contest!

Event Expo

The LEADR League hopes to build learning while we fly. Each host school is also asked to host some form of a learning expo. This could be a new technology showcase, vendor expo, a seminar by professional pilots, a workshop on soldering or fpv systems, or anything the event host is comfortable building. Always be learning...


New to racing? So are we!

August of 2019 will mark the start of the LEADR League. Though some of our pilots will start the season with experience, many will be brand new!

Many of the schools and pilots joining the league are doing so for the first time. Many young pilots have never raced before, or have barely even learned how to take the controls. Not to worry - this is a learning league as much as it is a competitive racing league.

Part of the design of the racing teams is to use whatever drone you have access to - or borrow one of ours - and learn as you go! We want this league to be great fun for everyone, and a wonderful learning environment.

Our experienced pilots will work with new pilots to make them feel comfortable in the arena while providing support, education, and technology as needed. We hope to build the league's strength through education and experience!

This league is for everyone...almost.

We designed this league with students and teachers in mind. We want this league to be educational and fun, but to also be a way for schools to connect and showcase what they are doing with drones in education.

If you are a drone club or school that just wants to race and win, this isn't the spot for you. We love a good competition, but we want to make it fun for students of all experience levels. So, if you are a high-end pilot or racing team, be ready to share your experience with others to help everyone grow!

The league is aimed at middle school and high school students - from all over northern Ohio from Cleveland to Sandusky and beyond. We hope to offer a series of events throughout the school year, in locations where only a very small travel budget is required.

We hope to be able to secure enough timing equipment, racing equipment and technology to not make hosting an event cost-prohibitive. Stay tuned for more on designing and hosting an event at your school.


Next Steps...

Contact us today if you or your school would like to join our league! To read more about how to race with us and/or host a race, use the links at the top of the page - or click the 'get started' button.