We’re looking for a few awesome schools to join the new Drone Racing league in North East, and North West Ohio school districts! 

If you are a teacher drone enthusiast, or if you are looking to add some more opportunities for your students in learning, racing, or working on drones, then this league is for you.

How much space do you need to host? 

A basketball court size racing area is ideal. Also needed are two additional nearby spaces; one for drone teams to store supplies and work on drones, and another location to run the Expo event. Two classrooms near a gym would likely work.

How Do You Time Races?

Stopwatches - each event should solicit volunteers to run timing stations. Using a stopwatch is a simple, cheap and effective timing method.

Should a timing system (chip or rfid style) become available, this can be used with a stopwatch backup.

What do you mean by Expo?

The expo component of a race hosting day should include some kind of learning component, designated by the host. This could include some information on careers in drones or related industries, engineering or design challenges, learning about flight, meet and greet with professionals in the industry or related careers, modding workshops, hands-on demos, new tech presentations by vendors, videos, presentations, skill building, or anything else that provides a learning opportunity for the participants - while they are not actively racing or competing.

Expo events can be timed or drop-in and ongoing throughout a race day. Speeches or formal presentations should be sorter (maybe 15-20 minutes), hands on workshops or demos could be longer (maybe 20-30 minutes).